Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for my services?

Because Smart Virtual Realty uses a Limited Service Agreement, payment is made at the time of the agreement. You can pay though a variety of methods. As you choose the services you want, you will be sent an invoice outling all your cost. Once the agreement is signed and payment is made, we go about fulfilling those services.

What happens if my house doesn't sell during my listing period?

We strive to make the selling of your home a seemless as possible. Success is measured by how quickly and for how much your home sells. That said, there are times that a home doesn't sell during the listing period. We offer some assurance that will help you beath easy. If your home doesnt sell during the initial listing period, we offer our partners the option of transfering their limited service agreement to a Full Service Lsting Agreement with our sister brokerage REI Group. With REI Group you receive unparralled service and attention from our top quality agents. The best part is that what ever fees were paid initally will be credited to the full service listing agreement of 6%, rebated at successful close of escrow with REI Group.

What if I can't afford to pay for services at time of agreement?

Our partners use our limited service agreement for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it's to help make ends meet because every penny counts. We work with our partners, and in most cases we can find options that work for all parties. Certain services do require payment at time of agreement. Such as the initial listing fee for access to the MLS, professional photo package, virtual tour, & sign ordering. Essentially any service that requires payment to be made for service. Other fees can be postponed until close of escrow. If you can't afford any of the initial cost, we offer a full service listing agreement with our sister brokerage REI Group. When you sign a full service listing agreement with REI Group there are no upfront cost. We are paid upon the successful close of escrow, and only upon a successful close of escrow.

What is a Limited Service Listing Agreement?

This simply means that our agreement has a built in expiration that is triggered once the agreed upon sevices are complete. That expiration is determined by the services you choose. For instance, if you were to simply choose the listing fee with access to the MLS, the agreement would end once your home is listed on the MLS. Depending on the services you choose, our agreement may end with the listing on the MLS or upon the close of escrow.

How can SVR afford to offer listing services at such a cost affective price point?

Because we offer our sevices completely online, we save time. Because you choose only the services you want, you save money. It's eligently simple. Everything is steamlined, and done virtually. Time and money are saved.

How long is a Limited Service Listing Agreement?

Our Limited Service Agreement are for a maximum of 6 months. At the expiration of the Limited Service Agreement, our partners have the option to sign an additional Limited Service Agreement, with associated cost, transfer their Limited Service Agreement to a Full Service Listing agreement with our sister brokerage REI Group, or choose not to renew or transfer. In cases where there were deferred payments, and our partners choose not to renew or transfer, those deferred cost are secured by a Deed in Lieu of Trust. When and if the home is eventually sold, those deferred payment are paid at that point.

Can I add services at a later time?

Yes, if you decide that you would like to add a service after the initial agreement, it's easily done. Simply request the service, sign the amendmended contract. Simple as that.

Can I cancel my listing before my home is sold, or before the listing expires?

You can cancel your listing at any point. However as the agreement we use is a Limited Service Agreement, we cannot refund payments. However, if you decide to re-list within 3 months with a Full Service Listing Agreement with our sister brokerage, REI Group, we discount the cost of the initial Limited Service Agreement when your homes sells with REI Group.